Psychotropic Medication Use

Psychotropic Medication Use in Pregnancy, Older Adults, and the Young

The most important issue to consider when medicating pregnant women, older adults and youth is safety. Pregnancy and age-related factors also complicate the efficacy of psychotropics. This audio unravels the mysteries, clarifies the controversies and provides tips on appropriate drug use in these specific population groups.

What you’ll hear about:

  • There’s no such thing as a safe drug during pregnancy
  • Psychotropic Medication Guidelines During Pregnancy – Antidepressants; Antipsychotics; Benzodiazepines; Anticonvulsants
  • Older Adults and psychotropics – mental status; non-compliance; memory decline; multiple pharmacies
  • The Young – Mood; Anxiety; Psychotic Disorders and their medication management
  • What you need to know about ADHD – etiology; evaluating a child for medication; medication options; American Academy of Pediatrics new treatment guidelines; advice for parents and caretakers; and much more

Psychotropic_Medication-thumbDelivered in MP3 downloadable audio, 56 minutes.

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