“Joe Wegmann is simply the best Psychopharmacology speaker I have ever encountered. At every conference my company invites him to speak, we have to bring in extra chairs to meet the demand.”

Wallace Long, President
Continuing Education Productions, Inc.

“I have taken a psychopharm course every CEU cycle of my career, and I am also an RN. This is the best, most scientific, most expert presentation I have ever been privileged to attend! Thank you.”

Deborah, RN

“Dr. Wegmann’s ability to simplify and clearly articulate the concepts of Psychopharmacology holds him in high regard among MSW students at Southern University, New Orleans.”

Dr. Ronald J. Mancoske, ACSW
LCSW #2337
Professor of Social Work
Southern University at New Orleans

“On Friday, February 5th 2010, Joe Wegmann, P.D., L.C.S.W., presented a six -hour psychopharmacology seminar to sixty-five NCADD-NJ clinicians. Joe proved to be an exceptionally gifted speaker on the topic of psychotropic medication in that he captured staff’s attention for the entire day and presented difficult material in an uncomplicated, organized way. I highly recommend this training for all behavioral health practitioners.”

Luci Doppler
Clinical Director

. . . consistently been rated as a superior trainer who presented (the side effects of psychotropic medications & the pertinence of the DSM IV-TR) in an understandable format, with examples relevant to the child and family clients of staff . . . well organized and entertaining.”

Rebecca L. Corbello, MSW, LCSW-BACS
Regional Administrator
Office of Community Services
Greater New Orleans Region/Jefferson District

Mr. Wegmann’s training for our Child Protection staff has been invaluable in our work with clients, understanding the use of medication in treatment of mental disorders and hopefully improving the outcomes for our client population.”

Robert H. Couvillon, LCSW, BACS
Regional Administrator
Office of Community Services
Covington District

. . . provides invaluable information for nursing assessments and nurse-based patient teaching. The clear and concise method in which information is delivered makes incorporating the facts into the nursing Process an easy task.”

Debra C. Godsey, RN, CLNC
Director of Nursing

The field of psychopharmacology is rapidly changing. The seemingly endless introduction of new medications and even classes of medications underlines the need for a simple yet comprehensive text on the use of these psychotropic agents. This book will help the healthcare practitioner understand the pharmacologic basis of these drugs’ actions and allow them to better understand why a drug works in a specific condition.”

Eugene A. Woltering MD FACS
The James D. Rives Professor of Surgery and Neurosciences
Louisiana Sate University Health Sciences Center

New Orleans LA

Joe’s book provides our staff with a readily-available and thorough manual to reference when planning our interventions with the parents and children we serve.”

Robert H. Couvillon, LCSW, BACS
Regional Administrator
Office of Community Services
Covington District

“Dr. W is absolutely great! I learned more today than I have in years. Thank you!”

Maribeth, LCSW, MSW

“Excellent knowledge base and great clinical applications! Very thorough and current. One of the best I’ve attended!”


“Great delivery of complex information.”

Nurse Practitioner