But What If We’re Successful?

Fear of failure is one of the most key reasons – if not the most key reason – for why we procrastinate, sell ourselves false promises, quit a project or just simply don’t show up for duty. Continuing to push through the fear can be quite the challenge.

Fear of success though is at least as big a challenge as fear of failure, because vanquishing the fear may mean that our efforts start working – generating tangible results which will change our lives somehow. Ready for that?

I suspect that we prepare ourselves for failure much more so than we do for success.

Joseph Wegmann, R.Ph., LCSW is a licensed clinical pharmacist and a clinical social worker with more than thirty years of experience in the field of psychopharmacology. His diverse professional background in psychopharmacology and counseling affords him a unique perspective on medication management issues. In addition to consulting with numerous psychiatric facilities, he has presented psychopharmacology seminars to thousands of clinicians in 46 states.

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