Ask Joe

Joe WegmannFor those of you who have followed my newsletter, blog, books and live seminars over the years, you’ve often heard me say that psychotropic medication management is complicated. Finding the right drug for the right symptom set under the right circumstance is quite challenging, given the number of drugs from which a prescriber can choose as well as multiple indications for use.

Also, PCPs and many others with prescriptive authority are faced with time constraints – often 7-10 minutes maximum to assess symptoms, reach a diagnosis and decide which medication would be most applicable. This can be daunting, and with so much symptom overlap from one clinical syndrome to another, wrong conclusions are often reached and subsequently the wrong drug is prescribed. Then there are side effects, drug interactions, dosing issues, dealing with a drug that just isn’t working, or shouldn’t have been prescribed in the first place.

Here’s where I can help…

I’m launching “Ask Joe” Consultation Services to assist you with a client you’re working with, or with any problematic issues you may be having — medical, medication related or even behavioral. This service will not be offered as psychotherapy or counseling; it is intended instead to provide strategy and direction.

Areas and topics we can address:

  • puzzle_brainWhat do you want the drug to do and for how long
  • Is the drug appropriate for the identified clinical condition
  • When results should be noticeable
  • How to address the prescriber if the drug isn’t working
  • Dosing – when to increase or decrease
  • Risk factors you must know about
  • When and when not to add additional medications
  • Conditions, circumstances or syndromes that should not be medicated
  • Managing treatment resistance – more is usually not more
  • When generics are OK and when they should be avoided
  • Safe and effective strategies for tapering and discontinuing medication
  • Behavioral methods that can “stand alone” or be combined with drugs
  • How to find a great therapist
  • How to assert yourself with your physician or prescriber when needed
  • Anything else you wish to talk about – personal or professional

callI’m confident I can help you, why don’t we discuss the best ways we might work together?

You can contact me at or at 504-587-9798 to discuss fees as well as days and times for working together.